A long day

Allyn Almeida, helps his father Oscar Almeida, a military veteran, patrol Libbey Bowl during the Ojai Music Festival as part of a security duty. The group of veterans start their day at 10 p.m. and end at 8 a.m. This was a long day for me and challenging to make photos of people patrolling in the dark. In order to make this photo I exposed for the background and used a flashlight to light his face. I ended up going home around 2:30 a.m. I went straight to bed.
-Juan Carlo

Agave Maria

Orders start to flow as Manuel Quintero, (left) head chef and Jose Robes his assistant start cooking during lunch time at the Agave Maria in Camarillo. I love this photo because everyone is ignoring me as plates of food start coming out. I like the composition with the plates in the front and the cooks in the back.
-Juan Carlo

Dominique Derse

em Blog - Cap and Gown Tennis
After I finished portraits of Rio Mesa tennis player Dominique Derse, The Star’s female Scholar-Athlete Award winner, she started hitting some balls with her coach while she was still in her graduation cap and gown. The cap and gown, racket, tennis balls and textbooks were props I used for portraits. It was really fun to capture images of her wearing the cap and especially the gown as it flapped all over the place.
-Chuck Kirman

Too close for comfort

Blog Kayka Katring
When Kayla Ketring, Oaks Christian junior center fielder and The Star’s Softball Player of the Year, was hitting the ball I kept asking her if I was ok being so close. As I crept closer again I asked the same question. Each time the bat whistled past my face and blasted the ball I could not help but flinch and snap my head back. Fortunately, I got some photos before the camera jerked toward the sky and I fell backwards to the ground from my kneeling position.
-Chuck Kirman

Kind and helpful

Betty Weaver gets a hug from Aaron McMillan, senior nutrition coordinator for FOOD Share, after putting her food away. I spent part of my day following Weaver around delivering food to seniors. Some of the seniors are homebound and their only contact with others, is him. Weaver is a good example how everyone should be kind and helpful.
-Juan Carlo

The wine dance

Professional dancer Ozzy Medellin performs the wine dance, as one of the glasses falls off due to wind at the 38th Annual Ventura County Greek Festival at the Camarillo Airport. Anticipation is key for my job, and preparing and being ready to get “the moment.” Medellin could do some amazing things, but that day was really windy and unfortunately, it affected his act.
-Juan Carlo

Cody Lin

Blog Tennis Accuracy
When I photographed Westlake High School’s Cody Lin, The Star’s Tennis Player of the Year, he tested his accuracy as I kneeled on the other side of the net. It was quite exciting as the ball whistled over my head. I made sure my head was protected by the net but one time the ball actually grazed the hair atop my head. The take away for me was to get a haircut.
-Chuck Kirman

62 mile trail

One of my passions is hiking up to peaks, on this occasion Sandstone Peak Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains. The trail is also known as the Backbone Trail with an elevation of 3111 feet. One of this these days I’m going to either walk or run the whole 62 mile trail.
-Juan Carlo

Tracy Lee Stum

Artist, Tracy Lee Stum of Ventura works on picking the right chalk colors for her 3D plane painting in her studio in Ventura. I was blown away by what she could create with chalk. Amazing stuff. I was so excited that I ended up doing a video on the whole process. And she is super cool too.
-Juan Carlo

Skill, luck, focus, and timing

blog - Troy Hill Blog Rams Practice
It takes skill, luck, focus, and timing to capture a peak action sports photo especially if you are in close proximity to the play. I used a 500mm lens at a recent L.A. Rmas practice to capture
St. Bonaventure graduate and Rams cornerback Troy Hill breaking up a pass play. If your subject has a strong facial exspression you end up with a much stronger image. It surprised me when I looked at the image. It was full frame, in focus, had a strong facial expression and combined with the ball and receiver’s foot it made for a photo I was very inspired with.
-Chuck Kirman